Would you be asking yourself this if it didn’t?

If you want the short answer, you can take it from us – a company that has seen IT disasters first hand – that yes, large or small, all businesses could benefit from 24/7 IT support.

We’re not just saying that because we provide 24/7 IT solutions. We have those options available because our engineers have been called up in the middle of the night and had to charge a lot of money, so we decided to develop packages that work better for everyone concerned!

Prevention is better than cure

CompuTask is a Hertfordshire IT support company that works on the basis that, when it comes to IT support, preventing problems is far more economical and far less disruptive than swooping in after they happen to look for solutions.

That is why both packages we offer provide our customers with 24/7 IT support.

Our 24/7 solutions ensure that every CompuTask customer has their entire system backed up daily, protected from viruses and other intrusions and monitored round the clock, so that if an issue arises it can be dealt with immediately, usually preventing any disruption to business activity.

We simply offer a choice from two support options, both of which provide 24/7 IT support.

The first is fully comprehensive, unlimited support both remotely (by phone and internet) and on site (where an engineer will attend your premises whenever they are needed).

Option two provides remote support only. If you opt for remote support, site visits are still available to you – they are charged at an additional fee but, as a valued customer, you will receive a discounted callout rate.

24/7 IT solutions from someone you know and trust

Another benefit of opting for ongoing 24/7 IT support with CompuTask is that it gives you an opportunity to build a trusted relationship with your allocated engineer.

Your journey will start with IT consultancy and future planning, to make sure that your system is set up in the best possible way to handle what lies ahead. This consultancy service will continue to be available to you for the life of your contract at no extra cost.

From then on, you’ll be allocated assigned engineers who will begin to feel like part of the team – your own IT department, available for 24/7 IT support.

Your engineer will be your first point of contact when you need to reach CompuTask.

No need to go through a helpdesk or an account manager – when you reach out for IT support you’ll be right in touch with the person you know, rely on and trust to get the job done.

24/7 IT support doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be thorough. If you’re still asking yourself whether or not your business needs this level of cover ask yourself this.

Would you rather arrive in the office Monday morning to learn that a problem was identified and solved over the weekend, or would you prefer the alternative?

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