As and When You Need It

Most customers of CompuTask Business IT Solutions sign up to a monthly contract but if you decide that managed IT support services aren’t right for your business at this moment in time – either for budgetary reasons or because you wish to try our services before you commit – you still have the option to engage CompuTask for ad-hoc IT support.

You may be self-employed or feel that your start up business is too small to warrant an IT support services contract right now.

That’s fine by us.

If you’re based in the Hertfordshire area and would just like to know that there is a company providing expert IT services that you can call on in a hurry if you ever need to, then you’ve found us.

Rest assured that Computask’s engineers are just a phone call away, whenever you have IT requirements that cannot be dealt with in house.

Benefits of Ad-hoc IT Support by Computask

We won’t lie – there are a lot of benefits to a fully managed IT support service no matter what the size of your company, such as 24/7 monitoring, backup and access to 24/7 expert IT services.

That said, if you decide against a managed service there are still plenty of reasons to keep our number to hand.

The world of technology moves quickly and so do the things that threaten that technology.

If your business relies on its computers and tablets and you do not have a 24 hour monitoring system in place you could be susceptible to issues.

As an when issues arise, simply get in touch with Computask and book our ad-hoc IT support service.

We can talk you through the situation over the phone or call out to your business for a competitive hourly rate.

If one or more of your machines goes faulty and you need someone who can use expert knowledge to fix it, contact Computask ad-hoc IT support services to have someone take a look at it.

We can provide fast, efficient data recovery services to help keep your business running smoothly in even the most testing of situations.

Not looking for managed IT support? Bookmark this web page and return to CompuTask if you ever
‘turn it off and turn it on again’ just isn’t working and you need fast, reliable ad-hoc IT support.