It’s an Important Part of Any Company

If you have never experienced having a computer or phone crash and die on you, taking with it contacts, photos and important documents then you are very lucky.

If you have then you probably already appreciate the importance of data recovery services.

These days we are all so reliant on our digital services that it will happen to most of us at some point.

If you’re smart, you’ll make provision for that day ahead of time.

It can be heartbreaking to lose irreplaceable family pictures – and, as a data recovery company, we do perform hard drive recovery services on a one-off basis, so please get in touch if you are facing this situation – but if you are operating a business, losing files can be devastating to your organisation and have real financial implications.

The Importance of Backup to Data Recovery Services

Hands down the easiest, most stress free way to achieve hard drive recovery is not to need hard drive recovery in the first place.

If your business enters into an IT support contract with us here at CompuTask your data, system wide, will be fully backed up every day.

Should you suffer a crash or set back then data recovery services are a cinch.

You may lose a few hours worth of work, at worst but pretty much everything you had on your system will still be right there waiting for you, so your business won’t miss a beat.

There are legal ramifications to consider here too.

Every business has records that they are required, by law, to keep for a set number of years.

This varies from one industry to another but every company pays tax so none is exempt.

The chances are that everything you are required to keep is held digitally.

In the event of a computer system crisis, your data recovery company could be left working hard to keep you legally compliant.

Again, in this situation, you are going to wish that you’d backed everything up thoroughly.

Indeed, some forms of business are legally obliged to provide adequate backup for client records for this reason.

CompuTask is able to provide a fully compliant and comprehensive service.

Data Recovery Services for Freelancers and Small Businesses

You work alone.

You have one laptop.

You don’t need an IT support contract do you? Well, maybe or maybe not but you DO still need to back up.

More often than not larger businesses seek IT support and are therefore backed up.

Small businesses and freelancers, in lots of cases, give less thought to back up until they are in need of data recovery services and, naturally, in a huge panic.

Whatever size your business is, losing data can hit you hard.

If you’re in need of hard drive recovery now then by all means get in touch but if you’re not, now is an even better time to contact us, to put provision in place to make sure that data loss never happens to you.