Leave it to Computask

For a small business, Hertfordshire IT support can often be either costly or faceless.

The price of having an IT support engineer on call 24/7 can be too high for a start up, or an organisation with few employees.

Businesses like this can end up relying on hit and miss remote services, often based far away or only available at certain times of the day.

CompuTask is a Hertfordshire IT support company set up specifically to provide a more appealing alternative.

Allocated IT support engineers for all

We are a Hertfordshire IT support company so we provide Hertfordshire based IT support staff for all of our customers.

Even our remote support contract, which is a perfect, low cost solution to small business IT support, comes with direct access to an allocated IT support engineer, so that a working relationship can be established between our team and yours.

If you have an IT emergency you don’t need to speak to an account manager and be transferred three times before you reach someone who might know how to help, you need to be able to pick up the phone and have it answered by someone who knows you and your system, so is able to assist quickly and efficiently.

That is what you get from CompuTask, guaranteed.

Local, independent Hertfordshire IT support

We provide support Hertfordshire based IT support for businesses of all sizes.

We offer just two, simple contract options – remote and unlimited.

If you run a small business, you don’t think you’re going to need an IT support engineer on site very often and you want to keep costs down, opt for remote support.

You’ll still receive 24/7 system protection, daily backups, unlimited support via phone and internet and the added personal touch, in the form of consultancy, system health checks and future planning.

Plus of course you’ll have the direct line of a Hertfordshire IT support engineer. If you need us in person, you’ll also receive a discounted rate for call outs.

If you want all the benefits of an outsourced IT support engineer of your own, with the added option to call us to your premises whenever you need a hand, our unlimited support contract gives you that option.

You’ll receive all of the above but with no call out charge.

Complete support and complete protection for your IT system by a local Hertfordshire IT support team you can get to know and enjoy working with.

IT support doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be thorough.