What’s Right For Your Business?

As a leading IT support company in Hertfordshire much of our competition is not, as you might imagine, other IT support companies in Hertfordshire. Instead, we’re often competing with the decision of businesses to go it alone and handle their own computer support services.

We understand the thinking behind this.

We all have computers in our own homes and most of us get by without home IT support services, so justifying the spend in the workplace can be tricky, especially if you’re running a small business that hasn’t employed IT support services in the past.

However, if you are considering maintaining the machines and systems in your own business, please do not underestimate the scale of the task or the impact it could have on your organisation if things aren’t handled carefully.

Computer Support Services 101

If you’re thinking of providing your own in-house computer support there are a few things that are absolutely key to consider from the start.

  1. What systems do you need to put in place to support your business now and in the future?

You should give thought to everything from the machines they use and how seamlessly they sync, to the software required to complete orders, accounts and any other operations you require.

Putting the right systems in place will save you a whole lot of man hours and money down the line.

  1. How protected are you?

Antivirus protection is absolutely key when it comes to computer support services, whether you are carrying them out yourself or not.

Threats change regularly so your system should be checked often by a robust, regularly updated software.

  1. How is your information backed up?

There is nothing more disruptive to business than losing files.

It’s also worth considering that some low cost backup solutions can be arduous and that it may well save time, money and lots of effort in the long run to invest in daily automated backups of your whole system.

  1. Where will you turn in an emergency?

No matter how organised you are, technology is still temperamental, the threats to it get more and more sophisticated by the day and, of course, accidents happen.

Even if your not to invest in IT support services it’s worth having in mind a trusted business – like Computask, a leading IT support company in Hertfordshire – that you can call if you need them on an adhoc basis.

The Benefits of Hiring an IT Support Company in Hertfordshire

The main benefits of hiring a IT support company in Hertfordshire like Computask are ease and peace of mind.

By taking out a computer support services contract with us you are taking on your own IT department.

You’re fully monitored, protected and backed up 24/7. We’ll advise you on IT matters whenever you have questions and our experienced engineers will be at the end of the phone should you have an emergency.

Of course, by safeguarding your system and future planning this won’t be all that often.

You might think that DIY IT will save you money but before you decide to go it alone why not use the quote calculator on our website? You may find that the complete peace of mind that comes with hiring an IT support company in Hertfordshire costs a lot less than you think.