Why Qualifications and Experience Matter More than Knowledge Alone

When shopping around for IT support companies what criteria do you compare? What makes you rule out one IT support specialist and contact another?

Price point will most likely be high on the list of factors for any business, of course.

You will also, no doubt, check the features that you get for your money from one IT support specialist business to another, weighing up whether you need 24/7 support, considering the option to have IT support technicians attend your site versus remote support and more.

These are all important considerations but there is another that can get overlooked.

When appointing an IT support specialist, make sure you are appointing a specialist.

Anyone can set up an IT support company.

Just because they understand the technology of the moment doesn’t mean that will always be the case. How closely have you looked into the credentials of the people who will hold the safety of your company’s data in their hands?

IT Support Specialists You Can Trust

The IT support technicians at Computask are the best of the best.

That means, they don’t just know what works now – how to install systems, how to maintain them and how to fix any issues that arise – they are committed to maintaining an excellent working knowledge of new technologies, as well as new threats and how to combat them, as they arise.

In an industry as quickly evolving as IT it isn’t enough for IT support companies to know the current landscape.

They need a long-term plan for remaining at the cutting edge of technology and its practical applications.

The IT support specialists at Computask have proven themselves able to maintain continuing professional development.

They committed to the IT industry with relevant qualifications and each spend time on an ongoing basis maintaining a high level working knowledge of current and future predicted trends.

Do you think all IT support companies could say the same of their workforce?

Direct Access to IT Support Specialists, Every Day

All customers of Computask have direct access to our specialists.

If you have a question, you don’t have to navigate an account handler, trained solely in customer service, in order to find your answer.

If you’re on of our 24/7 IT support packages you can make direct contact with a skilled IT support specialist that you know and trust.

We make sure that all of our customers are always plugged into up to the minute IT support, in the form of experienced, qualified and committed engineers.

When shopping around for IT support, don’t settle for any company that can’t make that claim.