Computask Managed IT Support is designed to efficiently take care of all of your IT problems and needs. No fuss, just efficient, reliable support.

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As we believe in keeping things simple, we have designed two packages to choose from.

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Unlimited Support

This package is unlimited IT support, both onsite and remote. Onsite means we physically tend to the matter in person if we cannot fix or advise remotely (via the internet or over the telephone) to ensure solutions are in place, so you can focus on being productive.

We won’t charge you for your initial IT setup. That’s completely free.

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Remote Support

Our remote package offers the same responsive and reliable support. The only difference is that onsite visits are not included.
We give our full and immediate attention to each matter, and onsite visits are offered at discounted rate over adhoc requests.

Both IT Support packages include:

24/7 monitoring
24/7 monitoring:
Your entire system (servers, desktops and network) is constantly monitored. As soon as we know about an issue, we get to work on providing solutions before anyone is affected.
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance:
Computers are temperamental, but prevention is still better than a cure. By focusing on prevention we aim to stop IT problems from occurring in the first place.
Free IT Consultancy & future planning
Free IT Consultancy & future planning:
Both our support packages give our customers free IT Consultancy and advice services. Whether you’d like to discuss the future viability of a cloud service or new equipment, we can help.
Scheduled Health Checks
Scheduled Health Checks:
We run health checks regularly for a faster, cleaner system. We do this out of hours so you’re not affected.
Daily Backups
Daily Backups:
The importance of backups in a business environment cannot be understated. We make sure you’re always covered.
Remote support
Remote support:
All remote access is entirely secure using the most advanced techniques and software. We’re very conscious about the security of your network and your data.
All system support
All system support:
We will support you across ALL computer systems free of charge, and our in-house system experts are always to hand. Unlike many IT support companies, we don’t believe you should be charged for using a different computer system.
Allocated engineers
Allocated engineers:
Instead of having a different engineer each time you call on us, our engineers are allocated to you. They get to know the working of your systems, your requirements and your preferences. They will work alongside you personally and make sure everything is working smoothly.
Daily anti-virus support
Daily anti-virus support:
We provide comprehensive and up-to-date protection against viruses to keep your system clean and healthy.
Talk directly to engineers
Talk directly to engineers:
We put you in touch with the people who can fix your problem. No account managers, no multi-levelled helpdesk system. Just simple, direct contact with allocated engineers at any time. That’s why issues can be investigated promptly and often resolved within minutes. We make sure you can talk to us in any way you need to; office phone, mobile, email and remote access.

Our team of engineers and in-house specialists will work alongside your company to ensure the smooth running of your systems and help with any other services that you require, such as bespoke programming and project management.

Still not sure which package to choose? Talk to us 

If you’re ensure about which package might be suitable, or you’re reconsidering your current IT support provider, we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss your specific needs.

Call: 01438 53 50 50

Whether you’re a new business startup looking for a reliable IT setup, or a large international business working across different time zones, we will define a tailored approach that works for you.

Switching Provider

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When we step back and look at the IT Support market, we’re proud to have a service that strips out the complexity in favour of honest, local and comprehensive support that you can trust. So if you’re questioning your current provider or feel they’re not the right fit, have a conversation with us. We’d be very happy to chat over the phone, or meet you at your premises to talk through your IT and business needs.

We’ve handled switches for dozens of satisfied customers, and we’re confident we can provide you with a better service that saves you money at the same time. Switching your IT support is straight-forward and easy to do, and we make the transition as smooth as possible so your business isn’t interrupted.

At CompuTask, we believe in turning the complex into simple. This ethos affects everything we do, including our approach to finding solutions, the way we communicate (clear and jargon-free), the packages we offer, and the way we do business.


IT services & solutions

Aside from our support packages, we also provide a range of IT services on an adhoc basis. There’s no contract. You just get in touch when you need us, and we’ll respond quickly.

With each request, we endeavour to communicate our strategies in a clear and transparent manner while aligning our work with your company vision and goals.

These are the adhoc services & solutions we offer:

Project work & consultancy
Ad-hoc Support, Project work & consultancy
We can provide expert technical advice to help you with all aspects of your ICT infrastructure, supporting you in your business. Our ad-hoc IT support services means you can pay by the hour for our expert services without an ongoing support being in place.

The tried and tested approach we have to project management has proved highly effective and has earned us a strong reputation with our clients.

Data recovery
Data recovery
If you’ve lost work, data or digital memories like family photo, we can recover it. We’re able to retrieve from almost any hard drive, laptop, tablet, USB stick, memory card, or any other device.

You may also want to use our recovery service if your devices aren’t responding, files are corrupted, or your computer won’t boot. If you’re unsure about what you need to do, just give us a call and we’ll advise you.

Cloud service support
Cloud service support
Using the cloud to house your Office 365 applications can be really helpful. It frees up space across company hard drives, emails are backed up, you have more mailbox space, and you can access your emails much easier from mobile and tablet devices. If this is something you’re interested in, talk to us about managing a complete migration for your business. We ensure a smooth transition with no loss of email or other data
If you’d like to understand more about any these services, talk about costs or discuss a specific solution, please give us a call on 01438 53 50 50 or contact us online.


Linux & Mac Support

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Here at CompuTask we provide support as standard for what other companies may refer to as ‘specialist’ systems. We have in-house engineers who provide support specifically for Linux and Apple Mac machines.

Mac OS Desktop and Server Support

If you use Apple Macs in your business many companies can charge you extra for the support and management of them. CompuTask provide support for these machines inclusive with our on-going support packages and can even work alongside your current IT company or staff in areas such as this where extra support may be required.

Linux Desktops and Server Support

Whether you have a couple of linux desktop machines or a series of Linux servers we can provide on-going support and management no matter what variations of Linux you are running, from Cent OS to RedHat, Debian to Suse.

If you are looking at better value for money alternatives to main-stream Microsoft products CompuTask can advise you on what systems will best suit your needs.