The battle between the operating systems

At CompuTask, we provide comprehensive support for your IT system, whatever operating systems and machines you choose to run; even Mac computers as well as Linux ones too!

If everyone in your office has a Microsoft laptop, all except your graphic designer who runs a Macbook Pro with retina display, we’re not going to charge any extra to include the two different operating systems in your support contract.

As a result of this impartiality we are well placed to discuss the various pros and cons of linux computers and servers, versus the increasingly popular Mac computers.

Why use Mac computers or Linux computers at all?

It is true that Microsoft has had the biggest market share for a long time, when it comes to computers.

Most people can comfortably find their way around a Windows interface.

Why then would they choose to move away from the brand?

Firstly, not everyone likes that Microsoft dominates the market.

Second, dominating the market comes with certain drawbacks.

For example, the vast majority of viruses infect only Microsoft machines.

Then there are special features offered by the other platforms that Microsoft cannot provide.

Mac computers and OS

Mac has a definite advantage in the style stakes.

One of the big reasons people choose to align with this brand is the intuitive operating system, as well as the attractive, easy to use and powerful products.

You won’t get the equivalent of a Macbook Pro retina display coming from Linux, for example.

Mac computers used to be favoured mostly by people using design software and the like.

Indeed they still are but the market is opening up and we now see companies supplying their entire staff with Macbooks.

They are easy and enjoyable to use and, in recent years, have a lot more compatibility with software used on other platforms.

The main drawback of the brand is that Mac is pricey.

A Mac computer could cost almost double that of a comparable PC.

There is an argument to say that mac computers last for longer but this is much debated.

Linux computers

Linux is most often chosen by tech savvy people who want power and flexibility over ease of use.

Linux computers are often the preserve of software developers.

Linux is open source software so it’s free – very different to Mac – but it does require add ons to make it work.

While this could be seen by some as a drawback, it is seen by others as an opportunity to customise the OS to their particular needs.

Basically, what’s best is always determined by what’s needed.

If you’re looking for a lower cost alternative to Microsoft, Linux may work for you.

We don’t expect you to make these decisions yourself ahead of time.

We don’t discriminate between systems so we can impartiality advise you on what hardware and software to choose when we have our initial consultancy meetings and get to know your requirements and usage.

That’s what we’re here for.

If you have questions about these options, ask us any time.