What Would you Choose?

That age-old debate – Mac vs Windows.

Some people swear by one, some use nothing but the leading competitor. Here at CompuTask IT support in Hertfordshire we will support you in exactly the same way, regardless of what system you choose.

Our standard support packages cover Microsoft Windows, as well as Linux and Mac IT support so, if since you’re able to get the same great level of service across the board, what are the points you need to compare when choosing your IT system?

Are Macs Just For Creative Businesses?

This was the view in the past, certainly. Macs have some excellent design software that means they have been favoured by creatives for a number of years but they are definitely moving more into the mainstream.

Providing IT support in the Hertfordshire area, we see more and more Macs appearing in offices across all sectors.

Macs vs Windows: Software and Security

It used to be that Macs came with less of a choice of software but, on the flip side, with much lower chance of being infected by computer viruses.

These days in the Mac vs Windows debate software really needn’t be a consideration. There is a much wider range of software available for Macs than there used to be. Even Microsoft Office is available for Apple, so this need not hold you back.

It is true that there are still fewer viruses that target Macs than PCs. That is because, historically, there have been fewer Macs in use so people don’t put the time into trying to hack them. However that is changing. As the popularity of iPhones and iPads has picked up people have naturally begun to seek laptops using the same operating system and their popularity has grown. Threats to the platform will increase.

If you opt for Apple products you must make sure that you find quality Mac IT support to ensure the stability of your system.

Usability and Price

There is a general consensus on one thing – when it comes to Mac vs Windows most people agree that Macs carry a more intuitive operating system. Microsoft has tried to make moves in the same direction but their system changes have not been as widely embraced.

However, Macs are undeniably more expensive. It’s increasingly difficult to justify the disparity in the price between Macs vs Windows alternatives. There is an argument that says they are more durable but technology, from all sides, is improving all the time.

Largely, the decision comes down to personal choice.

Mac vs Windows: Does Your Business Need to Choose One or the Other?

The answer, in short, is not really.

In their current incarnation Macs and Windows network together pretty well. Increasingly we see offices with some people using one style of laptop and other people using another. It is still true that creative industries tend to favour Macs, of course, you may have a graphic designer in your office who wants a Mac, while the rest of the team prefer Windows and that’s OK.

For many it comes down to price and you will get more machine for your money with a PC, assuming that there are no specific Apple features that you just can’t live without. Importantly though, while many companies offering IT support in Hertfordshire will charge extra for Mac IT support CompuTask includes support for all of your machines as standard. That leaves you to choose what’s right for you based on what’s right for you – not what’s right for us.

If you’re unsure of where you land on the Mac vs Windows debate why not contact us? We offer consultancy with all of our IT support packages and would be happy to offer our advice.