The Hertfordshire Help you Need

Every business is reliant on technology to some degree, so if you are operating your organisation in the Hertfordshire area then CompuTask is here for you with local, 24/7 PC tech support that you can trust.

Reach Computer Technicians with One Call

At CompuTask we don’t believe in middlemen.

If you need us at any time, for any computer tech support reason, then you probably need our computer technicians, not our admin staff.

That is why each and every one of our support customers has the direct contact details of their designated technician.

They run into a problem, they call their IT guy or gal and the problem is resolved as quickly as possible, with no delay and no red tape.

It sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

This level of service makes sense to us but is far from being an industry standard – just one of the things that makes us one of Hertfordshire’s leading PC tech support companies.

Computer Tech Support for PC and Mac

Many companies offer PC tech support as standard but don’t stretch as far as other operating systems without adding a little something extra onto the price.

We don’t get this.

People in your company should be able to choose whatever piece of technology works for them without the worry of disrupting the equilibrium of your computer tech support contract.

We are experts – at PC tech support, at Apple Mac tech support and at Linux tech support and we won’t penalise you for choosing one over the other.

In fact, we even offer consultancy services that aren’t biased to one system or another.

If you’re interested in saving money by using something other than standard Microsoft products and systems you can ask us for our advice.

We are independent, sympathetic and happy to help.

24/7 Mac, Linux and PC Tech Support

Cyber threats don’t stick to a standard working week and so neither do we.

The system protection and monitoring that we put in place for all of our customers works round the clock. If we spot a potential problem in the middle of the night, chances are it will have been dealt with before you check your emails in the morning.

If you run into a problem while burning the midnight oil, well then we’ll be burning it along with you.

For reliable, experienced, full-service computer tech support in Hertfordshire you won’t get more comprehensive than CompuTask.