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At CompuTask we offer technical consultancy services as an inclusive aspect of all of our managed IT support contracts.

We also offer the same IT consulting services on an adhoc basis to businesses who may wish to obtain one off advice about their IT infrastructure – for example when setting up in business, moving offices or considering the purchase of new software or equipment.

IT is one of the most important areas to seek business consulting services

People regularly seek business consulting services for accountancy, marketing strategy and the law but often these same firms will approach their IT in an adhoc way.

In actual fact, few business decisions affect your life more directly on a day to day basis than your IT infrastructure.

Seeking technical consultancy services specialising in this area before making buying decisions could save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long term.

The decisions of what hardware to buy, what software will best support and enhance your business activities, which suppliers could provide you with the best deals and exactly how to lay your system out for maximum productivity, are best made after seeking business consultancy services from experts with a broad knowledge of what is available.

We know what’s out there – in terms of hardware and software options, new technology, systems and, of course, threats to all of the above.

Our technical consultancy services will take your business needs into account and provide you with everything you need to know in order to make good buying decisions that future proof your business.

IT consulting services as part of a maintenance contract

We begin every new IT support contract by getting to know our customer’s system.

As part of this we provide technical consultancy services, to ensure that all of our customers know how and where their system could be performing more effectively.

Our future proofing and consultancy services are highly likely to provide you with a system that makes life easier every day, for you as well as (depending on the type of organisation you run) potentially for your customers as well.

Adhoc technical support services

Perhaps you have in-house IT staff and don’t feel that you need us on a long term basis. We can still be brought in on a one-off basis to give you the benefit of our industry knowledge and connections to purchase, install and setup your system for optimal on going management.

To enquire about IT consultancy services or any of the other services we offer, get in touch.